Magnetic attachment set with the diam. of 15 mm

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Magnetic attachment set with the diam. of 15 mm
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Data sheet

Temperature resistance 80 °C
Weight (g) 5.2
Tolerance (± mm) 0.1





Additional description

The set contains very strong magnet and corresponding steel counter-piece with a hole for a countersunk-head bolt. The diameter of both the magnet and the steel counter-piece is 15 mm. Neodymium magnet thickness is 4 mm, and the thickness of the steel counter-piece is 1.5 mm. Neodymium magnet tear-off force is 29.4 N (= 2.94 kg). Both the magnet and the counter-piece are equipped with a hole for M4 countersunk-head bolt. Two stainless steel M4 screws with the length of 35 mm are included. Together they form an ideal attachment set for various utilization purposes, in households, workshops, etc.

Mounting Kit Dimensions

                          Magnet                                                          Steel counterpart

Dimensions and technical parameters

• Tear-off force shown in item 1.3

• The tear-off force (in PULL, SHEAR) means the force between the magnet and its steel counterpiece.

• 1N equals approx. 0.1 kg












Tear-off force


Tear-off force


21089 (magnet)








10525 (steel counterpart)








Tear-off force

             Tensile load                             Shear load


• There must be no dirt between the magnet and its steel counterpiece.

• The magnet and its steel counterpiece must not be misaligned.

• A failure to observe these requirements will significantly reduce the tear-away force.




Store magnets indoors, away from any environmental effects.

Avoid contact with any magnetic objects, THERE IS AN INCREASED RISK OF INJURY.

Caution, there is a risk of fingers getting stuck when handling the magnet and its steel counterpiece!


The magnetic mounting kit always contains a very strong magnet (it always has a greater thickness), a steel counter piece, and two 4x35 universal stainless steel screws. Both the magnet and its steel counterpiece are provided with a through hole

and a recess for the countersunk screw head.

The kit always includes the recommended 4x35 screw for mounting the individual parts. Always choose its anchorage appropriately depending on the material you will be anchoring into.

Magnetic kits find their use in places where you need to mount items firmly and securely in place. Secure them in place and prevent any potential falls (e.g. a pot on a windowsill, objects on a table, etc.).


  • Install only in indoor environments, away from any outdoor impacts
  •  Prohibit any movement of persons under objects that are anchored, suspended by the mounting kit.
  • Keep in mind that there is a very high clamping force between the magnet and the metal washer, which can be greater than the force by which the magnet and washer are anchored in the material, it can be pulled out and it may fall!!! Anchor the washer and magnet very thoroughly, indeed.
  • When installing the magnetic mounting kit, keep in mind its tear-off force.
  •  In no case may the weight of objects exceed the tear-off force, always allow a sufficient safety margin and oversize the connection.
  •  When anchoring the kit to the ceiling, ensure that there is no free access under the anchored object.
  • In case you replace the supplied screws with shorter screws, make sure by testing that your chosen screw-in length is sufficient.
  • Caution, tighten the magnet screw of the mounting kit with the maximum tightening torque of 2 Nm. The magnet is fragile and may break if excessive force is applied.
  • The supplied kit is suitable for anchoring in wood and wood-based materials.
  • When anchoring into brick, choose a suitable brick dowel.
  • When anchoring into plasterboard, choose a suitable plasterboard dowel.
  • When anchoring into gas-silicate blocks, choose a suitable dowel or chemical anchor.
  • If you are anchoring into other materials, consult the appropriate anchoring method with the dealer of the mounting kit or the dealer of the anchoring products.
  • Complete instructions for use can be found HERE.

 SWALLOWING A MAGNET: Do not swallow or inhale the magnets. The attraction between magnets may cause serious injury inside the body, and immediate medical assistance will be necessary. Keep out of reach of children. Magnets are not toys.

NEBEZPEČÍ ÚRAZU: Large, especially neodymium magnets, feature very strong forces of attraction. Any careless and uncontrolled handling may result in fingers or skin becoming jammed between the magnets. CAUTION: This may cause bruises and contusions. Very large, especially neodymium magnets, may cause bones to fracture. Handle larger magnets with thick protective gloves.

The magnets are very fragile. Colliding magnets may crack and sharp chips may fly several meters, possibly injuring one’s eyes. Handle any magnets carefully and prevent them colliding. ATTENTION: Neodymium magnets are very powerful and can be drawn to each other even over long distances. Keep the magnets a good distance apart and use safety goggles when handling them. Think about the safety of people who are observing any magnet handling as well.

For more information, please proceed to the customer FAQ or contact us.

ROHS statement

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