Rotational magnetic separator MSVR 200x200/4 VVM-ECO-P-1-80-TP-RL

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Rotational magnetic separator MSVR 200x200/4 VVM-ECO-P-1-80-TP-RL
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Data sheet

Material Stainless steel DIN 1.4301, EN 10088, ČSN 17240, AISI 304, AKV 7 - non-stabilized austenitic nickel-chromium steel (X5CrNi 18-10)
Total weight 42 kg
Magnetic core weight 14 kg
Magnet temperature resistance 80°C
Body surface finish Glass bead blasting
Surface finish of grates and tubes Glass bead blasting
Sealing Silikon - také pro potravinářství (ATEST)
Product state Testovací
Motor Výkon 250 W, otáčky 35 ot/min
Safety Protection Electric lock (not connected)
Type of magnets VVM (neodymové magnety NdFeB)
Number of tubes 4 in circle
Magnetic core induction 10,400 Gs
Magnetic casing induction 7,400 Gs
Odtrhová síla na jádře: 133 N
Casing tearing force 100 N

Additional description

This magnetic separator has already been used and has small scratches.
However, this scratching has no impact onto its functioning.

Due to the scratching, the device sales price is reduced.

Magnetic separator, rotational type, is designed for a separation of dry mixtures characterized by good loose parameters.
The separator includes 4 pipes in a circuit.
Magnetic separator contains neodymium magnets.
The separator is made of stainless steel.
Magnetic induction is on the level No. 1 (core magnetic induction: 10400 G, core tear-off force: 133 N, coat magnetic induction: 7400 G, coat tear-off force: 100 N).
Maximum separator working temperature is 80°C.
Body, grates and pipes are surface-treated by sanding.
The sealing is also suitable for the food manufacturing applications.
Magnetic core weight is 14 kg, total weight is 42 kg.

Connection: 2x welding flange (flat and square), inner one 200x200 mm, outer one 270x270 mm.
The device is supplied without wiring, only with a terminal box. 
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