Separation vessel stainless-steel - 200 l/min

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Separation vessel stainless-steel - 100 l
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Data sheet

Type Ferrite
Material Stainless-steel
Weight (kg) 63





Additional description

Stainless steel-made separation vessel is designed for a separation of even bigger quantities of metal impurities from liquids (for example oil, emulsion). The vessel is completely made of the stainless steel which increases magnetic separation efficiency, and significantly improves the separation vessel lifetime.    

The vessel is equipped with ferrite magnets. Metals are automatically wiped off using a brass wiper. The installation is fully covered because of the work safety reasons.
Separation vessel is designed for the flow of ca 200 l/hour – it always depends on the parameters of media to be separated (density, viscosity,…).
Drive: electromotor with Cantoni gearbox, 0.12 kW, 3 phases, 400 V
Magnetic cylinder rotates with the speed of 5 turns / min.