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Neodymium magnets NdFeB

Neodymový magnet NdFeB

At present, neodymium magnets (NdFeB) are the strongest permanent magnets. Even in cases their dimensions are small, these magnets dispose of a significant magnetic force.

Magnetic foils

Magnetické fólie

Magnetic foils are suitable as printable advertisement carriers. In addition to that, their utilization range is quite wide. Magnetic foil adhesion depends on the thickness of the material onto which you put it.

Office magnets

Office magnets

They find their application area not only in offices but also at schools and in households. We sell both color magnets and very useful magnets in plastic or metal cases.

Magnetic lenses

Magnetické čočky

Steel coat significantly increases the holding force of a magnet used in the magnetic lens. We market a wide range of lens shapes and sizes.

Ferrite magnets

Feritov magnety

Ferrite magnets are classical, black magnets. According to their manufacturing technology, they can be subdivided into the groups of isotropic (weaker) magnets and anisotropic (stronger) magnets.

Magnetic photo papers

Magnetické papíry

The magnetic photographic paper is in the A4 format and you can use it with both laser and ink jet printers with no worries.

Magnetic pockets

Magnetické kapsy

Magnetic pockets are used in stocking file operations for rack marking or for the marking of production processes.

Magnetic labels

Magnetické štítky

Most frequently, magnetic labels are used in the stocking file management, for the rack mar- king or for doorframe marking.

Magnets for junk plants

Magnety pro sběrné suroviny

This magnet is frequently used for testing to find out if a magnetic material is present inside of non-magnetic material (paper, precious metals).

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