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Magnets to be used with a belt

Magnets to be used with a belt

Belt magnets are very useful aid for craftsmen, handymen and repairmen. Using a clip located on the rear side, the magnet may be attached to a belt.

Magnetic fixation sets

Magnetic fixation sets

Magnetic fixation sets include very strong magnet, a corresponding steel counter-piece with a hole for a countersunk-head bolt, and two stainless steel full twists.

Rescue magnets

Rescue magnets

Rescue magnets are designed for catching and pulling of metal objects from otherwise inaccessible spaces or secluded places, for example those located behind furniture, from pipelines, etc.

Magnetic holder of screws on a wrist

Magnetic holder of screws on a wrist

In advance prepare metal screws or screws to be used into wood; they will be attached to red magnetic rectangles of magnetic screw holders, attached to a wrist. And then – the work may start!

Magnetic screw and wood screw holder

Magnetic screw and wood screw holder

On holder end, this magnet is capable of holding a screw or a wood screw. Due to the holder, wood screws can be nailed even on places with not a good access.

Small magnetic bowl

Small magnetic bowl

On the outer side, on the bowl bottom, there are very strong magnets capable of holding objects located in the bowl as well as the bowl as such, on the metal background.

Magnetic opener

Magnetic opener

Magnetic opener is a useful tool enabling you open a bottle and catch the cap just by a single move, at the same time.

Magnetic measuring tape

Magnetic measuring tape

This is a magnetic tape with units in centimeters (cm) and in inches (in). It can be used with any metal surface, for simple but accurate measurements. Magnetic tape length is one meter.

Clip magnet self-adhesive

Clip magnet self-adhesive

Clip magnets are treated with a self-adhesive label that can be removed easily and the magnet can then be attached to e.g. shelf. These magnets are very strong – they are capable of holding even hammers or similar objects.

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