Flexible magnetic board A3 thickness 0,4 mm

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Data sheet

Weight (g) 250
Thickness (mm) 0.4
Surface treatment Glossy white surface
Format (mm) A3 (297 × 420)

Additional description

Prior to a foil sticking to the background surface, let the foil become stabilized. In case the self-adhesive layer does not stick firmly on the background (due to the board memory effect, background structure, etc.), please use a suitable adhesive for a perfect fixation.
Prior to sticking, keep the flexible magnetic board at room temperature for 24 hours. Even in case the magnetic board you bought in meter lengths is formatted, leave the part in question “rest” at room temperature for another 24 hours.

Do not stick the flexible magnetic board onto painted walls (painting structure is preserved and, in connection with a smooth surface, the magnetic board does not hold). In case you insist on the application on a structured wall, it is needed to use a glue suitable for such surfaces (self-adhesive layer used is not enough for such an application).  The glue is to be selected depending on the background surface type but, unfortunately, we are not capable of offering a “standard glue” able to stick to anything.
Double-sided self-adhesive A4 band 
This is a premium, double-sided, self-adhesive 3M band. We recommend backing of a flexible board lower and upper edges using this thin and very strong, self-adhesive 3M band.  This way, the board lower and upper edge unsticking due to the shape memory is prevented.  
We recommend using only magnets well proven by us with the flexible magnetic board – see related products below.
We warranty that these magnets will stick to our magnetic boards, keeping the function expected by them. We do not recommend common ferrite magnets because they cannot stick onto flexible magnetic boards.  
A question: "I would like to know what is the difference between flexible magnetic foils with the thicknesses of 0.4mm and 1 mm? Just in the material thickness – or also in the magnetic force? We are planning to utilize it as a board for small magnets taken from our trips."
MAGSY answer: "Hello, on a flexible magnetic board with the thickness of 1 mm (stock number 10120), the magnets hold better than on a board with the thickness of 0.4 mm (stock number 10122)."

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