Neodymium magnet-segment R11xr7x45°x22 P 180 °C, VMM5UH-N35UH

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Neodymium magnet-segment R11xr7x45°x22 P 180 °C, VMM5UH-N35UH
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Data sheet

outer radius R (mm) 11
Magnetic characteristics VMM5UH-N35UH
Inner radius r (mm) 7
Alpha angle (°) 45
Temperature resistance 180 °C
Weight (g) 4.85
Length L (mm) 22
Surface treatment passivation
Magnet shape Segments magnetized perpendicularly to the surface
Tolerance (± mm) 0.1
According to the shape Atypical

Additional description

In some applications, segments with different magnetization must be provided. Generally it means the half of the supply should be done according to the Figure 1, and the other half based on the Figure 2.  Prior to the ordering, please check carefully whether you need to have your magnets delivered as a divided supply. In case your application requires so, please indicate in the ordering format, in the field "NOTE", how many segments in different versions you need to obtain. In case you would need our advice, do not hesitate to contact us at

ROHS statement

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